When we were trying to name our company, we wanted unique and creative image for a kid's Craft brand and we chose FINKICRAFT out of over 100 possibilities.The meaning of FINKICRAFT is that Kids who have magic hand and infinite challenge create new idea and build up their imagination.

What WE DO

We sell art merchandise online and call our company Finkicraft.We launched the company this year, and have a functioning website( sell art supplies and instructions for kids and art lovers. We are not afraid of failure and willing to try new services. So we work hard to come up with new creative ideas and our main focus is how to make people easily access (or download) to funny crafts online.

Who we are

Finkicraft is a global company for art lovers and located in South Korea. We provide creative ideas and materials related to art works. 

Our designers, creators and marketer are doing their best to serve you better quality service.

Why we love art

We believeart makes people look at things from different angles and these inspiration enables people to live their life differently. FINKICRAFT wants everyone to enjoy the benefits of art more easily.

All works of FINKICRAFT are intended to give you time and energy to change your life.


FINKI focuses on art works for kids. We get ideas from nature experiences and hope to provide wide range of learning opportunities through crafting. We promise to show great ideas to you. FINKI aims to present you great quality artworks.