Shading from Dark to Light | How to Shade with Watercolor Paint

Shading from Dark to Light | How to Shade with Watercolor Paint
1. Make a neutral color with gentle amount of water and paint 4th~7th zones in the scale.
(there are 7 zones in the scale from light to dark.)
2. Make a deeper color and paint 5th~7th zones.
3.  After drying it, overlap the same color on the 6th and 7th zones.
(They should be deeper than the 5th zone.)
4. This time, use less water and paint the 7th zone with the darkest color.
5. When the 6th and 7th zones don't seem gradient, use more water and paint 6th zone once more. (Still, it should be lighter than the 7th.) 
6. Do the same for the 5th zone.
7. Just like pencil drawing, you should repeat painting many times for deeper color.
(Tip! Before painting, make sure your previous work is dried well.)
8. Color the 5th zone another time as well.

10. For lighter zones, use a lot of water and paint the 1~3th zones.

11. After drying it well, paint the 2~3rh zones one more time with the same color.

12. Finally, use the same or a little darker color for the 3rd zone.

13. Now you know how to shade with watercolor paint!

Why do we need to know about this?

There are many different methods for watercolor painting, but this one really helps paint 3D materials.
Once you master this method, you are ready to go to the next step!


How to Shade with watercopor paint #shorts


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