Painting tutorial | Rose illustration by water coloring

Painting tutorial | Rose illustration by water coloring

1. Color the dark area of the rose petals with Opera.
Tip: Applying a darker coloring to the center of the blossom, you will get 3D effect.


2. Leave the lightest area without coloring, paint the rest part with the light color.

3. Make a darker tone by adding more paint, and apply it to the inside of the petals.

4. Paint with lighter tone of coloring for the rest petals of the roses.

5. Apply the darker tone of the color to the leaves of the main rose. For the rest of the leaves, use the lighter tone.

6. Now, back to the main rose. Paint the darkest area with the new color with a darker tone.

7. For the rest of the roses, use a lighter tone.

8.Paint the blade. Use the darker tone of the color for the darker area.

9. Back to the blossom. Paint the dark area of the rest of the petals. (A bit of orange color is used.)

10. Paint the petals lightly.

11. Completed!

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