[Mommy & Me Art Play]- Make Igloo & Snowman

[Mommy & Me Art Play]- Make Igloo & Snowman

Hi there, it's Finki Art.


If you a mother of a baby who is less than 24 month old, I would like to introduce one of simple and interactive art activities for you.


Interactive activities for a baby with mom stimulates baby's cognitive development and develops his fine motor skills.


After each activity, I have collected Mom & me art works on a sketch book. While flipping each page, my son is telling me about what and how we did together. He sometimes mentions new words like "igloo and snowman". I am pretty sure that he picks up those new words while we are doing our artwork.


Today I would like to introduce another art work, which may take 2 days.

  • Day 1: Stamping
  • Day 2: Cutting and Pasting with a glue


 Learning from Activities(objectives) :

  • To learn about Igloo and Snowman
  • To develop fine motor skills


[Day 1: Stamping]

Mommy introduces how to stamp snowflakes with the bottle lead and the white colored paint.

When Mommy makes sound to each action, children are getting more interested. 


"Tap, tap, tap!"

"Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze!"

"Press, press, press!"



Yes, we are making a snowman by stamping the white paint.

With children, expect that anything can happen and accept a creative mess, even if he split the paints. Let them keep playing and exploring with the materials.

Oh well, the snowman is gone. Let's do it again. 

If you want to have more snow, fill up the space by stamping with the PET lead.

"Tap, tap, tap!"

"Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze!"

"Press, press, press!" 



Children can use paint brushes or other objects they want to create snowflakes on the papers. 


Now we are going to build  an Igloo by stamping rectangles. Any kind of object like Styrofoam boards, blocks or erasers can be used for stamping. 

 Bring another colored paper and start stamping rectangles. 

 It is going to be a collaboration by Mommy & Me.

There you go. The first day of work has done!

** TIP!

It is totally fine even if the children created different results.

What really matters are having fun and exploring the new world for them! 



[Day 2: Cutting and Pasting]



Draw the shape of Igloo as shown and cut it out. 

Cut a rectangle out of a black colored paper for a front door as shown. 

 Are you and the children ready to glue? 

Give them a plenty of time to glue on to the surface area. 

Meanwhile, Mommy will arrange the Igloo pieces as shown.

Lastly, attach the googly eyes to the Snowman's face.

That's it! The 2 days of journey has done.

** TIP!

Bring up books, songs or movies related to Igloo or Snowman and talk about it with your children. Have Mommy & Me time with lots of fun! 




Hope you enjoy the video and the activity with children.

Let's stay safe and fun!


Much love,

Finki art



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