How to paint glass material (Light bulb) with water color

How to paint glass material (Light bulb) with water color

You need: paper, pencil, eraser, and painting tools

1. Sketch the shape of light bulb with pencil.

2. Let's work on details.

3. Paint shaded area first.

4. Fill the background with neutral colors. (Repeat drying and painting many times.)

5. Paint the darkest area with strong color.
6. Paint the other areas of the light bulb with neutral color.
For the glinting light on the glass, do not paint and leave the paper white.
7. Paint the fuse and light.
8. To make the bulb and background look distant, paint the background darker.

9. Plus, add the color of background in the bulb to make it look more transparent.

10. Paint shadows.

11. Paint the floor with light neutral color.

12. The back area of the floor should be darker for 3D effect.




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