Draw like Mondriaan with your 21 month old child

Draw like Mondriaan with your 21 month old child

Hi, this is Finkiart.


Today we are going to try 'Mondriaan art'. When you see Mondriaan's paintings, it shows the simple geometric elements.

Today we are going to benchmark his painting theory while drawing your children's favourite objects by using tapes.



_ Paper masking tape

_ Paints at least 2 colours (Let the children choose their favourite colours)

_ Brush, drawing paper, water for the paints 


The fine motor skills can be developed most by  using fingers, and when children experience lots of  activities while using their muscles in hands and fingers, this may help their brain development and train them for concentration.

Also, the fine motor skills will help the children use pencils or crayons with strong grip to write or draw.


We are going to make 2 kinds of painting work. It may take about 40 mins from the preparations until packing up, and take 2 days for the final work.


1. Introduce a masking tape 

_ Explain the traits of the tape to the children. It is sticky like a sticker. Let the children play with it to understand what the tape feels like.

_ Attach the tapes on the drawing paper. Parent can assist. Even if the children's work is not perfect, it is still okay. 

_ The first(left) work is all about using straight lines while applying the 'Mondriaan's technique'. The second(right) one is to express an egg shape, which is one of my son's favourite food. After he detached the tapes, I attached them on the paper with the shape of the egg.



2. Painting and coloring

 _Now it is time to paint. Let the children feel free to choose the colours and paint them.

_"Let's brush brush brush~" Use all the methods to make this time more fun for the children.



_ If the children is too young for painting, Mom can do instead. It is all about experience by watching and learning. They may touch the paints with hands and hold the brush next to you.

 _ After painting two pieces of art work, let the paint dry well over night.



3. Check out the paintings 

_ Use one of your fingers. Are they perfectly dried out? 

4. Remove the masking tapes

_ Take off the tapes one by one. Sometimes it may need to be careful not to rip off the paper while removing the tapes overlapped each other.



BOOM!! Finally it is done. Well done, my friends!!

 Hope you would have lots of fun with your loved ones. Who knows, your child is planting a seed of being next Mondriaan in the future?


See you soon with next projects :)






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