Space tunnel (Photoshop, after effects)

Space tunnel (Photoshop, after effects)


1. Add Noise

2. Copy Background layer

3. Click Background layer-> Gaussian Blur

4. Level

5. Open background layer copy-> Gaussian Blur

6. Level

7. Layer Style

8. Layer mode - Lighten

9. Merge layers

10. Create new layer
Paint Black

11. Render -Clouds

12. Layer mode - Color Dodge

13. Create new layer2

14. Brush settings - Smoothing, Opacity

2. After effects

1. CC Cylinder

2. Shading -> Ambient

 3. Make a camera  (Preset value 15mm, Focal length 2mm)

4. Move camera

5. Make null object

6. Alt click on the camera position and parent it to the null position

7. Position its start and end position 

8. Radious value  (more speed feeling)

9. Adjust the mask (image natural)


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