Making a Christmas tree with simple materials

Making a Christmas tree with simple materials

1. Attach clay onto the cone-shaped Styrofoam. 

2. Add normal clay first to help the foam clay stay better.

3. Make dozens of waterdrops with Aurora foam clay.

4. Attach onto the cone-shaped Styrofoam.

5. If they are attached all around the Styrofoam,
attach the 2nd row to be crisscrossed with and above the 1st row.

6. Attach the clay again as illustrated in the picture
in crisscrossing format.

7. You simply have to attach them repetitively in the same way. 

8. Tree is completed as above.

9. Attach Christmas lettering.

10. Decorate with spangle or pearly beads.

Please download a christmas tree template below: FREE DOWNLOAD

1.  Download the template and make the shape shown in screen.

2. Attach waterdrop shapes of foam clay as we did in Type 1.

3. Add more layers of foam clay in crisscrossed way.

4. You can take a closer look here.

5. For lighter color, mix white and gray clay.

6. Attach lighter color clay on upper area.

7. Once you have surrounded more than half of the paper,
cover the top with foam clay,

8. And keep attaching waterdrops.

9. Use lighter color.

10. Attach a Christmas lettering on top.


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