Let’s make Korean pancake

Let’s make Korean pancake
Have you tried Korean pancake ? It’s cereal and sugar filled pancake and you can easily make it with pancake mix. Unfortunately, I am a terrible cook so I can show you what happens when a person like me tries to cook. Ha-ha.
1.First, I just poured some water on the mix. That was exactly what I was asked to do from the instruction but it seems too watery now.
2.To make up for putting to much water, I added some flour to make it sticky again.
3.To fill the cereal and sugar in it, I made a hole in the middle of the paste.
Oops, I should have put the sugar mix first but I put both sugar and cereal together so some of the cereal was sticking out.
I put the cereal in it by hand (looks perfect, right?)
4. Oiled a pand and grilled the pancake.
5. One more mistake, I should have grilled them with low heat for a short time..It’s too brown now. Still, They are not burnt.
Tastes sweet and has cinnamon aroma. Also, it’s quite chunky due to the cereal.
How about having a coffee with some Korean pancake?
It’s been my first trial with the Korean pancake mix.
Next time, I will read and follow the recipe carefully and post again with the perfect Korean pancake.

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