How to use Wi-Fi on Renfe.

How to use Wi-Fi on Renfe.

Hello, it’s Finkicraft.

I have just been to Spain for my holidays.

Spain is a big country and if you plan to visit it yourself, you might want to see many different cities of it, Barcelona, Madrid, Sevilla, etc.

Domestic flights are the fastest ways to travel through cities but many travelers consider Renfe train an option. If you are a traveler planning to use Renfe train, This would be a useful tip for you. How to use Wi-Fi on Renfe.

First, Turn on Fi-fi service of device and connect to Playrenfe. 

Choose your language and then click ‘Access Playrenfe’. Follow instructions.


When you set the options, foreign travelers like me might need your ticket information. I had a copy of my e-ticket with my ticket numbers on top of it. I put the numbers and then was able to use Wifi.


You can also charge your device if you bring your own charger.


I’m going to share what I enjoyed in Spain in my next posting.


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