How to Paint a Cup of Ice with acrylic color

How to Paint a Cup of Ice with acrylic color

# a cup of ice  # glass texture # painting with acrylic color

1. Sketch as seen on screen.

2. Paint the background with the mixture of brilliant blue and white.

3. Paint many layers.

4. Use very light blue for the light sides of the ice cubes.

5. Apply the same color on the background, too.

6. Use brilliant blue for the dark areas of the ice cubes. To make the ice look more realistic, maximize the contrast of brightness in each cubes.

7. Work on the midtone sides with moderate colors.

8. Describe darkest areas with deep color (ultramarine blue deep).

9. Highlight the darkest areas of the glass cup and ice cubes to make them look real.

10. Finally, work on the glass cup in detail. Make sure to apply the basics of how to paint a cylinder and use light colors.

11. Finished.


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