How to make shark slippers

How to make shark slippers
Please download shark slippers template below:

Things to prepare: Grey eva foam, scissors, 2 sheets of grey, red, white, felt, glue gun, silver thread, pencil, needle, thread, 4 eyes, white acrylic paint, cotton.


1. After preparing Design A and draw 2 on Eva foam, 

 2. Cut using scissors.

3. After drawing Design A (lower outer part of the shark) B (outer part of the shark) on the felt as seen on the screen, cut.


4. After drawing 2 Design C (inner part of shark’s mouth) on red felt, cut. 

5. After drawing Design D as seen on the screen, cut. (Teeth of the shark) 

6. Overlap two grey felt sheets and draw 2 shapes of Design E (shark's tail).

Cut them out. 

7. Overlap two grey felt sheets and draw 2 shapes of Design F (shark's fin).

Cut them out.

8. Cut out the shape of pectoral fins as seen on screen.

9. Now, all the preparations have been made. We’ll start with the actual making. 

10. Stick red felt on Eva foam. 

11. Stick Design B using glue gun as seen on the screen.

12. First tip!  As the eva foam is thick, make a needle hole at areas

that need to be sewn. 

13. If it is too difficult, stick the outer area using a glue gun,

drill holes in the eva foam then sew. 

14. Let me show it one more time. Sew as seen on the screen.

15. Stick Design A(Felt) that has been cut just now using a glue gun.

16. Cut thin and long grey felt and finish up the outer part. 

17. Ta-da! The body part of 2 shark slippers is complete. 

18. As for Design E (shark’s tail), sew as seen on the screen.

19. Turn it inside out.

20. Insert the cotton. 

21. As for Design F (shark’s fin), sew only the yellow area

as seen on the screen.

22. Turn inside out and add the cotton. 

23. After sticking the tail fin, 

24. Stick the fin.  

25. Stick the pectoral fin area as well.

26. Stick the top and bottom teeth of the shark using a glue gun. 

27. After cutting the white felt in a round shape,

stick the pupil that was cut just now. 

28. Poke using white acrylic paint to add vitality.

29. Stick the eyes of the shark on the shark slippers.


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