Craft | How to make a cat looking into the rat hole and a rat in it

Craft  |  How to make a cat looking into the rat hole and a rat in it


You’d need to prepare: Paper clay, foam board,
stationery knife, acrylic paint, brush,
fishing line, wire, toothpick, glue gun

1.Draw the shape of a rat hole on the foam board.

2.Cut the foam board using a stationery knife.

3.Paint the rat hole using black acrylic paint. 

4.Make the body of a cat as seen on the screen. 

5.Stick the wire at the hips.

6. Use the paper clay to make the tail as seen on the screen.

7.After making an oval shape and sticking it at the bottom of the cat’s hips,
use a sharp tool to make the toes. 

 8.After making a ball shape using the paper clay,
make the face of the rat in a triangular shape.


9. Make the shape of a nose and ears. 

10.Make the whiskers of the rat using fishing line.  

11. After placing the rat’s face against the rat hole,

12.make the arms of the rat at both sides.  

13.After drying it well, decorate the shape of the cat. 

 14.Let’s try coloring it neatly.

 15.Color the paws of the cat. 

16.Next, color the rat neatly as well. 

 17.Stick the eyes.

18. Now, we’re going to stick the cat’s body
and the rat’s face on the rat hole.

Try making your own
then stick on the wall!

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