How to make beehive with flying honeybee?

How to make beehive with flying honeybee?

1. Please stretch out the fluorescent yellow foam clay.

2. Make it into the shape of donut.

3. Please make a smaller donut and attach it to the other one.

4. Make another smaller donut and add to the top.
Repeat the same procedure.

5. You will have a beehive shape if you continue to stack them.

6. Please make a hole for the entrance.

7. Complete the bottom with the same method.

8.  Let's make a bee. We need the head and the body.
First, make a ball with yellow clay for the head.

9. Make a bell with yellow clay for the body.

10. Please stretch out the black clay.

11. Wrap the stretched clay around the body of the bee.

12. When finished, attach the head and tail.

13. Let’s put wings, and eyes on it.

14. Press the mouth part with a pen cap

and now you will have a smiling baby honeybee.

15. Once you are done, place the pretty honeybees on the beehive. 


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