Felt tutorial | How to make a cloud using felt

Felt tutorial | How to make a cloud using felt

Things to prepare:
1 sheet of white soft felt,
scissors, needle,
thread, cotton, wooden stick

1. Draw a cloud on the soft felt. 

2. Cut using scissors. 

3. Sew only the pink area. 

4. Once you’ve sewn, turn the felt inside out.

5. Add cotton in the cloud. 

6. Once you have inserted the cotton, sew the remaining part of the opening. 

7. Finish it by adding cotton as you sew little by little.

 8.It is fully filled now.

9. Determine the position of the eyes using a sharp tool.
(Make a deeper and bigger hole using the wooden stick.)  

10. Stick the eyes.
(Be careful not to burn your hands.) 

11. Decorate the surrounding using felt in pretty colors. 


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