Clay tutorial | How to make a Water Flume

Clay tutorial | How to make a Water Flume

Brown clay, woodcraft glue, Brown corrugated cardboard, Scissors, sharp tool,
OHP sheet, painting knife

1. Prepare brown cardboard as the floor of the boat.
For the frontal area of the boat, make a clay box as long as the shorter length of the cardboard. 

2. Cut out a piece of OHP film as the windsield and stick to the clay box. 

3. Use woodcraft glue. It is white but soon becomes transparent.

4.Use a sharp tool to create the texture of wood. 

 5. After gluing using woodcraft glue, stick it at the front part.

6. For the sides of the boat, cut out two long clay pieces considering the size of cardboard floor. Use a painting knife or scissors.
 7. Create the texture of wood.

8. Let’s try sticking the sides as well.

9. Do the same for the opposite part using the same method.

10. Let’s make the back part as well.
After cutting appropriately in a rectangular shape,
create the texture of wood. 

11. Refine using scissors. 

12. Make a piece of flat square clay.

13. Stick it at the back area that has just been made.

14. After applying glue on the corrugated cardboard, stick it.

15. Once the Flume ride boat is complete,
add the number of the boat.


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