Do you know clay?

Do you know clay?
it’s Finkicraft.
I’m posting about clay today.
I bet any of you have ever tried crafting with clay before.
Clay is a very good material for children’s development in terms of fine motor skills as well as spirit of cooperation and creativity.
Once you try clay, you will discover it doesn’t stick to hands and has very light and elastic texture. You can easily air dry it and keep it for long period.
In case your child is sick and tired of routinely activities,
try crafting with clay and have fun with it.

<Here is a basic shape!>

You can create any shape, If you want!

1.How to make a clay Basic ball shape with clay


2.How to make a Cube with clay 


3.How to make a Waterdrop with clay 


 4.How to make a Both Sided Waterdrop with clay


 5.How to make a cylinder with clay


 6.How to make a Cone with clay


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