Let's pack the lunch box!

Let's pack the lunch box!
Dear Mom & Dad,
Hi, it's Finkicraft.
Do you know there are so many 'mom & me art' ideas you can run for your own child at home?  Especially if you have children who are 3 years old or less, you might think there is nothing much you can play with them.
We are here to inspire you! It has to be SIMPLE and EASY for you, right?
Here is one of our tutorials for you, who likes efficient ways to spend time with kids. All you need is a piece of drawing paper and coloring pens or crayons.
  • Color pencils/pens or crayons
  • Drawing paper
  • Toy food from your own toy box at home
1. First, draw the shape of a lunch box on a drawing paper.
Here's a tip!
It doesn't have to be a perfect looking shape, but make sure the shape is facing towards your child.
2. Start a conversation with your child.
Mom >> "Today mommy will pack you a lunch box. What kind of food do you want for lunch? Will you go grab your toy food?"
Child >> "I want orange."
Mom >> "OK, let's draw an orange."
3. Draw an orange as a circle and a watermelon.
Here's a tip!
  • Introduce the basic shapes (e.g. circle, triangle, square) when you are drawing the food.
> Then the child will see and learn what are the shapes looking like.
  • Talk to your child about the shapes, colors, features, tastes and memories of food while drawing together.
4. Continue the CONVERSATION with your child while filling up the food in the box.

It may lead to other interesting topics than the food itself. If the child brings up new stories and starts talking about how he/she feels about a certain things, it will be even better for you to understand your own child!
5. Encourage your child to decide where to place his/her favorite ingredients in the box.
Let the child make decisions from a simple thing. He/she will start feeling of 'acceptance' which will build up a foundation of 'confidence' and 'self-esteem' by this simple Mom & Me Art process.
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Throughout this time, you can spend QUALITY
TIME with your child by INTERACTING.
Not only new shapes, words and colors can your child learn and practice, but also a concept of SPACE by filling up his/her lunch box based on their decision.
Most importantly, you as a parent will also feel like having a stronger connection to your child by building up another memory with him/her!
Wish you will have a lovely bonding time with your loved one. See you!

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