How to Draw a Rose with Pencil

How to Draw a Rose with Pencil

Supplies: Paper, Pencil, and Eraser

1. After sketching


2. There are shaded areas between petals. Shade these areas.


3. Highlight the darkest areas.


4. Shade the leaves.
They should be lighter than the flower so the rose stands out.


5. Shade once more including lighter areas.
The overall tone should be deeper with stronger contrast.

6. The lightest areas also need shading with a very soft touch.

Tips! How to make the main object stand out?

 First, shade the background and objects in the same tone.

When the main object is light, the background should be dark.
On the other hand, the background should be light when the object is dark.

Since our rose has dark tone, the background should be light.

7. For the flower, shade once more with denser lines.
Make the dark area darker and light area lighter.

8. Work on the leaves once more, too.

9. Shade the background again and the rose drawing is finished.



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