How To Draw Aurora

How To Draw Aurora

1. Overlapping the first cut of OHP film with a sandpaper as it is shown.

2. Teach a child the colors of the blue tone. Then, start colouring with the blue tone colors with the child.

3. After taking out the first cut of the OHP film, overlap the second cut of the film with the sandpaper as it is described.

4. At this time, colour yellow/green tones. It is fine to overlay all the colours.

5. Now use the colors in a red tone.

6. Adding the colour white will make more vibrant.

7. Shall we take the layer off? Let the child do himself. He will be proud of himself.

8. Completed!

9. The lower part is the mountain. We will describe the snow sitting on the mountain. Squeeze the wood craft glue along the line of the mountain.

10. After moulding the clay long, guide the child to attach it to the paper as it is shown in the video.

11. The mountain

12. Next, we will mould the stars after pushing a plunger over the clay.

 13. Make star shapes while using the mould.

14. Use the glue to the star. While squeezing the glue, the child will be able to build up fine motor skills.

15. Attach the stars to the paper.

16. Completed!


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