DIY | How to make a rocking horse | Swing, swing Horse Craft

DIY | How to make a rocking horse | Swing, swing Horse Craft


7 foam clay colors, 16cm Styrofoam,
4 toothpicks, paper clay, push rod, painting knife,
glue gun, painting tools,
printed template of a rocking horse

Please download a horse template below: Free Download

1. After rolling the paper clay using a push rod, cut it into a rectangular shape. 

2. Wrap the paper clay that has been cut on a round Styrofoam.
(It will be used as a rocking strut.) 

3. Dry it well. 

4. Once you’ve cut the template, we’ll try making a rocking horse.  

5. Stick the paper clay on the hip area to maintain the center of gravity.
(Stick it appropriately as seen in the screen.) 

6. Place the glitter foam clay on top of the horse format. 

7. Stick legs on their places.

8. Make the clay legs and ears and attach to the body.

9. Decorate the mane of the horse using pretty colors. 

10. Decorate the inner part of the ears, too.

 11. Let’s try decorating the tail part using pretty colors.

12. Lastly, stick the eyes.

13. We're going to make the horse sway like a roly poly doll.

14. Color the floor part of the rocking horse using pretty colors.

15. Use a glue gun to stick the horse properly.

 16. A cute rocking horse is now complete.



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