Sock craft | How to make a penguin doll

Sock craft | How to make a penguin doll

Materials provided:Black sock, cotton ball, white, yellow, blue felt,
sharp-ended stick, doll eyes, glue gun,scissors

Please download the penguin arm template below: Download

 1. Prepare the black sock. and stuff the black sock with cotton balls. 

2. If it is fully stuffed, tie with thread.


3. Tie in the middle again to make it shaped like snowman.


4. Draw face on white felt.

5. Cut with scissor. 

6. After having stuck the face cut off by using glue gun.

7. Sew the face onto the sock around the boundary line of the face.

8. Make the truck section in the same method as the face.
Roughly draw the truck on your own.

9. Cut out with scissor and paste it onto the sock.

10. Sew it onto the sock. 

11. Once the face and trunk sections are completed, we will cut off the remaining portion of the black sock.

12. Sew as illustrated in the picture.

13. Place the design on the top and sew it.

14. Cut out with scissor. 

15. Sew again meticulously. Be careful not to injure your hands.

16. Make the other arm in the same method. It will look like this.

17. Stuff them with cotton balls.

18. Attach the arms with glue gun and finish up by sewing the arm

onto the body. 

19. Let’s make penguin’s feet now. Draw the feet on the yellow felt.

20. Stitch by leaving out small hole to stuff in cotton balls.

21. We will try to stuff the cotton balls into the feet.
If the hole is too small, firmly push it in by using sharp-ended tool.

22. If the foot is fully stuffed with cotton balls,
finish off by stitching the hole.

23. Make one more foot in the same way. 

24. We will now make the beak.
Stitch by leaving a small hole to stuff the beak with cotton balls.

25. Stuff the beak with cotton balls.

26. Make a tail with remaining fabric. 

27. We will not attach mouth and eyes.
After having attached mouth with glue gun, finish by sewing it onto the face.

28. Attach the feet.

29. Attach the tail.

30. We will put a muffler around his neck
as the penguin may feel cold!

You can make the muffler by cutting out a bit of soft felt.



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