Sock craft | How to make a snowman doll using socks

Sock craft |  How to make a snowman doll using socks

Download file: Hat design1


Things to prepare: White socks, cotton, thread (white, red)
scissors, hard felt (blue, orange) / soft felt (blue, purple) ,
orange, red, white felt, needle,glue gun wooden stick,
Screw Eyes, brown fuzzy stick (brown), fluorescent blue wool,
stationery knife, wooden beads

1. Prepare a white sock.

2. Insert cotton in the sock.
3. Insert about this much then tie. 

4.Divide the face and body using white thread

5.Tie the end part of the sock using the tread then finish up.

6.Cut the remaining area using scissors.
Tip: Just cut the end and leave a few inches.

 7.Turn the left over part over as seen on the screen to make the snowman’s hat. 

 8. Draw Snowman Hat Design 1 on the felt then cut.

9. Sew the hat using a blue thread.
10.Turn the hat inside out.

11. We’re going to place the hat on the snowman.

12. Insert the cotton.

13. Fix the hat using a glue gun as seen on the screen.

 14 .Pull this area upward.

 15. Sew so that the fur part of the hat does not fall off.

16. We’re going to make the carrot nose of the snowman. After making a round triangular shape, sew it. 

17.After turning it inside out, Insert the cotton.

 18. Stick the nose on the snowman’s face and sew again to fix it.  

19.Drill a hole for the position of the eye using a wooden stick and stick the new eyes. 

 20. After drawing 2 shapes of mittens on red felt, cut.

21. Sew using a red thread.
22. Once you have finished sewing, turn it inside out and insert the cotton. 

23. Prepare a wool thread and roll it up in an appropriate size. 
24. Tie the middle.

 25. Cut the end using scissors. 

26. Stick it at the end of the snowman’s hat.

27. We’re going to make the snowman’s arms. Cut the brown chenille stems appropriately using scissors.

 28. Use a stationery knife to drill a hole in the arm area and attach the arms with glue gun.

 29. Let’s try sticking the buttons on the snowman doll.

 30. Lastly, shall we put a muffler to warm the snowman? Finish!


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