Clay tutorial | How to make Hanging laundry

Clay tutorial | How to make Hanging laundry

Materials to prepare:
Green and fluorescent yellow green foam clay, scissors, craft glue
cardboard box, wooden skewer, pincers, hemp cord, glue gun, paper clay,
rolling pin, painting knife,painting tool, wooden pincers (a few)

1.Please make lawn using green and yellow green clay
on thick cardboard box.

2. Please trim the ends with scissors.


3. Please cut wooden skewers in moderate length with pincers.
Please be careful not to get hurt.


 4. Please hold the hemp cord on wooden skewer
using a glue gun and wrap it around.

5. Please attach them with the glue gun
as shown and finish with foam clay.


6. Please hold them tight with silver cord.


8. Let’s make a towel first.
Please make a shape of the towel dropped by wind. 


9. Let’s make a basket.
Please make the paper clay flat with the painting knife.


10.  And wrap it around the flat circle.


 11. Please add patterns to the basket using the painting knife.
Please make handles of the basket as well.



12. Let’s make a sock and hang it on the basket. 



13.  Let’s make pants next. Please use painting knife
and scissors to make pants as shown. 


14. Please add pleats as if the pants are being blown with wind.
Please make as many as you want, such as t-shirt or a skirt.


 15. Once you are done, please color them.


16. Once you are done with coloring, please hold clothes
with wooden pincers and decorate the rest.









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