How to Make a Witch's Cauldron with Felt

How to Make a Witch's Cauldron with Felt

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You will need
Black felt sheets, coated-duplex-board,black craft wire
needle, black thread, craft glue, scissors, masking tape,glue gun
Make sure to use coated-duplex-board for each 'Design'


1. Make the shape of 'Design A'and glue to the black felt sheet. 

2. Dry it well. 

3. Leave an inch when you cut around 'Design A' and cut off blue areas in the image. 

4. Apply masking tape as if it is wrapping the shape for a neat look. 

5. Attach black felt again and trim it with scissors. 

 6. For the next step, make 8 pieces of 'Design B' as we did with 'Design A' 

 7. Let's fast forward since you've already done it before. 

8. Once 8 pieces are ready, begin with sewing only two of them as seen on screen. 

 9. Overlay two pieces and sew one edge together. 

10. Repeat the same procedure with the other pieces and you will get the shape on screen.

11. Sew all the pieces together leaving the ends unsewn.

12.  Carefully turn the inside out by pressing the stitch lines. 

 13. Finally, we will join the ends together. 

 14. Work on the bottom of the cauldron. Use 'Design A' 

 15. Sew it together as seen on screen. 

16. The sewing is neatly done. 

17. Make 'Design C'shape as we did with 'Design A' 

18. Attach it to the cauldron with glue gun. 

19. For the handle, prepare a piece of felt and two pieces of craft wire. 

20. Bend the craft wire. 

21. Use glue gun to one side of the black felt and fold it with the wire in it. 

22. Fold one more time and glue.

23. Attach the handles to the cauldron.

24. Finished.

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