How to make a watermelon basket

How to make a watermelon basket
If you are suffering from a scorcher, you shouldn’t miss cool watermelon.
Here, you can make a watermelon patterned basket and enjoy the refreshing power of watermelon with your eyes, too.


Supplies: Poster Color (Pink, Red, Light green, Green, White),

Black or a Marker Pen)


1.Prepare a wooden basket.

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 2.Color the flesh first. Mix pink and red for the perfect watermelon flesh. 

 3.Color the rind, first with light green and next with deep green.


4.Lastly, draw the seeds. You can use a black marker pen rather than a brush.

 5. A watermelon basket is done. 


You can make countless different paper baskets
with the brilliant ideas of your kids. Try it.
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