How to make a Toucan with Foam Clay

How to make a Toucan with Foam Clay

Form clay: Black, blue, white, orange, purple,
brown, pink, yellow-green, yellow
OHP film, black marker, wooden stick, glue gun
Coated duplex paper board

Download the template.
Search Toucan bird on
or click the DOWNLOAD

1. After downloading the template, stick the black form clay on template
as seen on screen.

2. Stick form clay on the other side as well.

3. Mix the blue and black form clay.

4. Stick a little thicker.

5. Stick the face area using white clay.

6. We’re going to make a bird’s beak as seen on screen.

7. Stick the beak onto the body. 

8. Next, we’re going to make the Toucan’s eyes. After refining using black form clay, make the eyes in the order of orange, black and white as seen on screen.


9. Let’s try making the Toucan wings. Mix white clay and black clay together.

10. Draw the shape of a wing appropriately using a marker on the OHP film. 

11. Create a few small water droplet shapes and stick as seen on screen.

12. Mix purple and black form clay. 

13. Make the shape of a wing again.

14. Once the wing is complete, stick it on the Toucan bird’s body. 

15. Now, we’re going to make a branch.

16. Stick brown form clay on a brown stick.

17. Next, we’re going to make a flower.

18. Stick several petals by overlapping as seen on screen.

19. Stick the anther as well.

20. Use various colors and make a flower using such method. 

21. Stick the Toucan bird using a glue gun.


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