How to make a pond using clay

How to make a pond using clay










You will need: green, yellow-green clay, paper clay, resin, scissors, painting knife, push rod, handicraft glue, cardboard tube of tape, painting tools.

1. Use the paper clay to make the shape of a ball.


2. Make the paper clay flat. You can do it using your hands or the push rod.


3. Prepare the cardboard tube of the tape.

4. Place the cardboard tube of the tape on the paper clay and cut it in a circular shape with some margin.


5. Place the marginal clay on the card board.


6. Cut the messy part using scissors.

 7. Color it

8. Decorate the grass using green and yellow-green clay.

9. Mix the resin (Main ingredient, hardener) in 1:1 ratio. 

10. Decorate the top with a frog, pond, lotus and others to create a fabulous pond.
Resin hardens transparently over time. 


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