Clay | How to make a clay fish

Clay | How to make a clay fish

Prepare clay: white, black and two more colors of your own choice.
Here, we chose blue and white.

1. First, make the body part. Make an egg shape and flatten one side of it. 

2. Mix white and blue clay to get lighter color.
Tip! The light blue clay will be also used for the fin and the gill so prepare enough of it.

3. Make a flat triangle shape and use it for the head. 

4. For tail fin, make a flat heart shape with sharp two ends.
Use the same light blue clay.

 5. For the gill, make smaller triangle shape than head.
With a toothpick add creases to make the gill seem to have the scale. 

6. Take the body, head, tail fin and the gill and glue them to stick together.

7. Use white and black clay to make the eye and attach it onto the main body.
The smaller you make the eye, the cuter it may look.

8. Your clay fish is done.
If you have your own new idea for a clay fish, share with us.
Enjoy crafting. See you soon! Finkicraft.


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