Halloween | How to make a Witch's Cauldron

Halloween | How to make a Witch's Cauldron

Things to prepare: Water balloon,
black foam clay, brown, yellow, red, orange, purple foam clay,
optical fiber lamp, cellophane paper, craft wire,
scissors, stationery knife, wooden stick,
delicious chocolate.

1. Cover 2/3 of the water balloon using black foam clay. 

2. Let it dry well.

3. Once dried well, remove the balloon.

4. straighten the edge with scissors.

5. Make the bumpy areas smooth. 

6. Make the outer frame of the cauldron as well. 

7. Trim the edge with scissors. 

8. Make 3 stands for the cauldron as seen in the screen.

9. As the foam of the cauldron has been made,
let’s try making firewood. 

10. Make the brown foam clay wide.  

11. Place yellow form clay on brown foam clay.
Next, cut it into a rectangular shape.  

12. Roll it. 

13. add some brown clay to make it look even.

14. Once complete, cut it appropriately.

15. Connect the firewood well using glue gun.

16. Make a hole in the cauldron using stationery knife
Be careful with your hands.

17. After cutting the optical fiber a little, put it inside.

18. Stick the Cauldron on the firewood.

19. Next, let’s try creating fire.

20. If red foam clay was used to create the fire,
let’s try creating it using orange foam clay, too.

21. Next, mix the yellow and orange foam clay.

22. Stick appropriately.

23. Add cellophane paper
so that the bright light can be seen well.

24. Stick foam clay on the toothpick to make a ladle rack.

25.Use a wooden stick to make two holes in the cauldron.
Connect using craftwire as seen in the screen.

26. It’s complete. Shall we try turning the light on? 

27. Add the ladle rack and add delicious chocolate as well.


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