Felt tutorial | How to make a cute squirrel with felt

Felt tutorial | How to make a cute squirrel with felt

You need: Felt (Yellow Brouwn, Brown, White, Black, Ivory, Mazenta),
Magnet, Scissors, Glue Gun, Wooden Skewer, Cotton, Needle, Thread

1. Cut out belly and torso shapes and join together as shown.
Cut out the same torso shape for the back side.

2. Cut out ear shapes and attach white felt as inner ear.

3. Cut out the head and face and join together. Atthach nose and eyes to it.
Cut out the same head shape for the back side.

4. Attach strips of felt as stripe pattern.

5. Add lips.

6. Fix the head and torso together both front and back sides.

7. To stick magnets to the back side securely, add another sheet of felt and then use a glue gun to attach magnets.

8. Sew up along the edges of two arm pieces. Make two arms.

9. Push cotton into the arms.

10. Sew an arm to the body.

11. The other one, too.

12. Cut out two leg shapes and attach small pieces as toenails.

13. Attach the legs to the body.

14. Cut out two tail shapes and add stripe pattern on one of them.

15.  Attach it to the body.

16. Attach tail on the back side, too.

17. Now the squirrel shape is done.
18. Sew up along the edge leaving a slit to push cotton in.

19.  Push cotton into the squirrel. 20. Close up the open area.

21. Sew the ears to the head.

22. Put it on the magnetic board and play with your kids.


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