Easter crafts | How to make a rooster (chicken) using foam clay

Easter crafts | How to make a rooster (chicken) using foam clay


Materials to prepare
Water balloon and foam clay: White, deep yellow, fluorescent yellow,
red, light orange, brown, and black
Small wooden beads

Materials to prepare on your own:
Scissors and a sharp tool (needle or toothpick)


1. Please prepare a water balloon.

2. Apply fluorescent yellow foam clay on the water balloon.

3. Please let it dry until hardened!

4. Please make a hole as shown while removing the balloon.

5. Polish the uneven parts to be smooth.

6. Let’s make the head of rooster with white glitter foam clay.

7. Make a bowling pin shape for the head.

8. Once done, please attach it to the body.

9. Let’s add feathers. Please follow the screen.

10. Please make a cone with foam clay and attach it to the tail part.

11. Please make cockscomb with red foam clay.

12. Let’s make the eyes, beak, and red wattle underneath the beak.
Please follow the screen in the order of white, black, orange, and red.

13. Let’s make an egg now. Please make an egg shape with flesh tint foam clay.

14. Please add eyes and beak to the egg.

15. Let’s decorate the rooster with small wooden beads. 

16. Now, let’s make a nest. Please mix orange and brown well.

17. Make it into circular plate and decorate it as if wooden sticks are tangled. 

18. Please place the rooster, egg, and the nest all together once you are done.

19. If you move the rooster up and down, you can see the cute egg!

20. We forgot to make wings!

21. Please make a flat water drop shape.

22. Make it into rooster wing shape using a sharp tool.

23. Attach the wings to the body.

24. Let’s make rooster feet, now. Please make 3 pea shapes with orange foam clay and connect them together. 

25. Attach the feet.

26. Ta-da, you have the rooster incubating an egg, now.


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