DIY Making palm tree (Try making clay palm tree)

DIY Making palm tree (Try making clay palm tree)

You will need: Green, Yellow and brown colored clays, toothpick or wooden rod, glue gun


1. After having shaped the clay into water drops, elongate them.


2. Put a line running the length of the clay with toothpick and allow it to dry. 

 3. Design the clay to make it look like a tree leaf with a toothpick.

 4. Make 6 large leaves and 2 small leaves in this manner, and put them together as illustrated below. 

 5. Wrap the clay around the wooden rod in the shape illustrated below.


 6. Create the texture of tree bark with a sharp tool. 

 7. Attach the palm tree leaves onto the tree trunk made with clay.

8. Make coconut to be put on the palm tree as its fruit.

9. Create the texture of coconut by using toothpick.

 10. Lastly, attach palm tree fruits.

 11.Voila! Chatming looking palm tree is now completed. 



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