DIY CLAY How to make frog clay advanced

DIY CLAY  How to make frog clay advanced

1. Roll some green clay into a ball.

2. Make two round clay eyes and stick them on.

3. Make two small white clay balls.

4. and two smaller black clay balls for the eyes
(you can also draw the black pupils).

5. Use your lid to make the mouth shape.
(It'll be nice and smiley.)

6. Next, make a ball shape with clay. 

7. Make a white clay ball and flatten it out. Then stick it onto the belly. 

8. Let's make the frog's legs.
Make a small ball and press it with your pointed tool.

9. Stick the frog's legs and body together.

10. Make the arm as the same way.

11. Stick on the arms

12. and head to complete our cute little frog.


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