DIY clay | How to make a kangaroo pencil holder

DIY clay |  How to make a kangaroo pencil holder

1. Cut off the top of a styrofoam cone as seen on screen.

 2. Stick paper clay. 

3. As for the kangaroo’s stomach area, stick paper clay so that it bulges out slightly.4. Let’s try making the kangaroo’s face.
Make round water bubble shape as seen in the screen.

 5. Gently press the mouth area using a wooden stick then press slightly. 

6. Stick the toothpick on the ear area so that the ears do not fall off.

7. After making the ears in a water bubble shape, stick as seen in the screen.

8. Once you have finished making the kangaroo’s face, place the kangaroo’s face over the body.

9. If the body area is slanting too much, cut it using a knife, then stick it.

10. After sticking the toothpick, stick the kangaroo’s face.

11. Fix the kangaroo’s face using paper clay so that it doesn’t shake. 

12 . After sticking the toothpick on the tail area, stick the kangaroo’s tail.

 13. Let’s try make the kangaroo’s pouch.

 14. After cutting it into a rectangular shape,

 15. Stick the rectangle on the kangaroo’s stomach area as seen in the screen. 

16. Now, we’re going to make the kangaroo’s legs.
Making 2 long water bubble shapes. 

 17. Bend the feet area appropriately.

 18. After sticking the toothpick, stick the legs. 

 19.Let’s try shaping the toes at the feet area. 

 20. Let’s try sticking the other leg, too. 

 21. Make the kangaroo’s arms a little smaller than the legs.

22. Shape the fingers using a sharp tool. 

23. After sticking the toothpick, fix the arms.

24. Paint it. 

25. The kangaroo pencil holder is now complete.

Try putting items that you frequently use,
such as pencils, pens and brushes.


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