Christmas | How to make christmas wreath using crepe paper

Christmas | How to make christmas wreath using crepe paper

Things to prepare: Round Styrofoam,
Green(acrylic paint), green crepe paper,
woodcraft glue or glue gun, Christmas letters,
glitter pompom


1. Color the round Styrofoam using green color (acrylic paint). 

2. Dry it.

3 .Prepare the crepe paper.

4. Cut it appropriately as seen on the screen.
(I’ve cut it approximately 6cm long and 12cm wide.)  

5. Fold the paper in half and cut as seen on screen.

6. Cut many times! (Make as many as you can.) 

 7. Stick the paper from the outer area
using woodcraft glue as seen on the screen.
(A more abundant wreath can be made as more you cut.)

8. Stick towards the inner part. 

9. Gradually stick towards the inner part to make it abundant.

10. If the leaves are placed close to each other, it looks more abundant. 

11. Now that the wreath is complete, shall we decorate it?
Stick the Christmas letter and pine cones together. 
For making pine cones, click the address under. 


12. We’re going to try sticking poinsettia
For making poinsettia, click the address under.

 13. and glitter pompom as decoration. 

14. Merry christmas!


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