Bom bom bom bom! Making a drum using foam clay

Bom bom bom bom! Making a drum using foam clay

Things to prepare: Thick drawing paper, cardboard box,
pencil, many colors of foam clay, glue gun,
gimlet (wooden stick if there is no gimlet, needle),
2 wooden sticks
pink and light blue knitting wool


1. Use thick drawing paper(36cm* 12cm) and cut.

(That’s going to be the side of the drum.)  

2. Draw a pretty pattern on this format. 

3. Place the foam clay nicely on it. 

4. Refine it using materials such as a wooden chopstick.

5. Stick using the same method and refine.

6. Once you’re done sticking, refine the edges with scissors. 

7. We’re going to stick the end area to make a cylindrical shape.
Roll using a bottle so that the end area can stick well. 

8. Cut out two circles. (A circle with a radius of 5.7 centimeters)

9. Stick the side of the drum around circles (2 of them) using a glue gun as seen on the screen. 

10. After drawing 2 circles on cardboard box.

(It is bigger than the circle we made), cut. 

11. Draw a pattern on the cut out.

12. Stick using foam clay.

13. We’re going to drill a hole in 45 degrees. Mark using a pencil.


14. After overlapping both of them, drill a hole using a sharp tool.

15. Once you have drilled the hole, stick them in the same
direction of the drilled hole using a glue gun.  

16. Weave the pretty knitting wool in and out of the hole well. 

17. Weave the knitting wool of another color in and out of the hole.  

18. The drum is complete.  

19. Let’s try making the drum sticks using 2 wooden sticks. 

20. Make 2 round shapes using foam clay.


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