A fun jumping ball

A fun jumping ball
Egg shells used to be the only material to make pierrot dolls when I was young. Nowadays, there seem to be many new types of materials and instructions.
Ta-da! Here’s a cute jumping circus doll. You can make the face cutter with color pens. Check out our video to see how to make this!
How To Make a fun jumping ball
STEP1. Fold the paper along with the lines at the end of paper. Push it through the gap on the other side.
STEP2. Repeat the procedure until the paper looks as above.
STEP3. Fold one of the hooks into the body so that you cannot see it outside.
From inside, hang a rubber band on the hook inside and connect it to the other hook.
Push the other hook into the body just like the other one. 
STEP4. Now you have a paper ball and when you push it, it bounces back.
Paper jumping ball /How to make Pierrot Dolls

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