[Drip Art] Colorful rain is falling down!

[Drip Art] Colorful rain is falling down!
Learning 'water technique' for Mom & Me Art
Only 20 mins of play time! Baby will love it!



 - 2 pieces of Paper

 - Paints (as many as you want)

 - Big paint brush, small paint brush (Different sizes) 

 1.Dip the brush into the water as much as possible. Paint 'the water' on the whole paper.


2. When the paper gets wet, let's get started.

It's PLAY TIME with paints! 


3. Before dipping the wet brush into the paint, tell the baby a color of the paint which you are going to use. "This is RED."


4. Use the wet brush to color the paper.



5. Look, the colorful rain is falling down. "Drip, drip, drip." While Mommy repeats the word, the baby is getting familiar to the sound with the situation where the water is dripping.


6. Encourage Baby to decorate colorful dots himself. Introduce different sized brushes to express the colorful rain drops.


7. Mommy keeps making raindrops on the paper. Baby is learning from his observation.



 8. Bring out another new paper. Mommy repeats the same activity - Dot and drip.


9. Now the baby is trying himself. Dot and drip. Brush and drip.


10. The baby brings the bigger brush to dip into the paint. He draws the drips on the paper.



11. Today Baby has been having lots of fun during the whole time.

 And he has learnt this new word - Drip, drip, drip.



12. All done! Try this simple and interesting drip art with your child.

Later, you will see your child saying 'drip, drip, drip' while pointing at the wall!

My son must have a good memory through this activity as sometimes he says 'drip, drip, drip' while pointing the wall.


Here is one of examples of Mom & Me Art at home after watching this demonstration.


This activity is even more amazing when you need to take a child to a shower. He will run to the bathroom! Try it out today!



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